Pacifier Clip

Best Pacifier clip holder for boys and girls

Genuine and cute baby pacifier clips are modern and neutral holders that you will absolutely adore!

So why should you stop on our clips? Well, because:

– You always know where your baby’s pacifier is :)

– You can clip not only the pacifier, but also teething toys

– It keeps your baby’s pacifier clean

– We use only durable and smooth fabric

– Our unique patterns are good for all ages and styles

– We are happy to provide the best customer service you could ever imagine!

About our soothie pacifier clip holder

What you need to know about pacifier holder clips

Baby will surely want to try a dummy holder for a tooth. So do not forget to sterilize it, especially when you return from the street. And if the baby refuses a pacifier, then do not leave her just hanging out on the holder – she will be immediately followed by microbes. If you for some reason do not want to buy a pacifier holder, and strive to use improvised means in this case, then be careful too. Do not tie a ribbon to the neck, otherwise the baby may get confused and suffocate.