Baby Bandana Drool Bibs Set of 8 Orange Unisex Bandana Bibs


PRICE – 12.99$


About the product
  • 100% cotton
  • Materials: Double-layered design with 100% cotton front and effective polyester fleece back
  • Non-allergic: Nickle-free closures
  • Adjustable: Has two positions to fit your growing baby up to 24 months
  • Fresh designs: Nice and unisex designs for a good mood every day
  • Ideal Baby Shower Gift

Product Description

– We know your pain when the next spoon of oatmeal and apple slowly drops from the chin of your baby onto the clothes, onto the table, onto the chair. We know that you would rather wash that nice baby suit a bit less often. So we collected all our researches, consulted best behaviourists, designed a completely new shape of baby bib and … just kidding, everything has been already invented 🙂 We just collected all our compassion and picked the high quality fabric for both types of lining, worked closely with graphic designers to offer you a fresh set of bib designs and put a little warming gift inside – just to make sure you feel all our love and attention to you.

– So it’s kind of a wedding gift pain: what to bring? does this look nice? do they need it at all? will it look cheap? We’ve already arranged everything for you. Pack of 8 baby bandana bibs, awesome designs, affordable price – you are welcome.

– The double layered design of our baby bibs helps in moisture management – the front layer is made of 100% cotton which has high absorption capacity to prevent fluid from crossing the bib’s boundaries. The back side has a polyester fleece which prevents moisture from soaking to your baby’s clothes – thus helping him/her stay dry disregarding the menu.

NON-ALLERGIC, ADJUSTABLE SIZE AND BEAUTIFUL PRINTS – Each baby bib comes with 2 Nickel-Free snap closures – the presence of nickel creates the risk of allergic reactions to baby’s sensitive skin and should therefore be avoided. The snap closures allow you to adjust the size of the bandana drool bibs to possible positions as your baby grows from 0 to 24 months.


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